REVIEW: April Skin Magic Stone Original & Black Cleansing Stones

Hello, Beauties! Today I'll be reviewing the new Korean Cleanser craze! April Skin Magic Stone! This bar soap cleanser is used by many popular Korean Ulzzangs, actresses, actors and singers!

First things first, what are the ingredients in this product?
Main ingredients are: Magic Stone Original-Vegetable oils (coconut, olive, palm, sunflower seed, grape seed, shea butter)
Magic Stone Black -Gangwon-do charcoal, shea butter, fermented rice bran, sulfur, pearl powder, EM broth, sunflower seeds, hyaluronic acid, coconut, castor oil, palm oil, olive oil)

Other components:
: The Soap contains only natural oils.
: Concentrated formula with natural ingredients! No chemical components! 100% natural soap.
: No fracture of natural ingredients due ND-CP method, enhancing the effect of extracts.
:  Lush and dense foam contains fermented EM bacteria.
: Glycerin promotes skin hydration, retains moisture for a long time.
: Does not contain preservatives components, recommended to store in a dry place.
: Does not contain synthetic preservatives, artificial colors, chemical curing agents, artificial flavors.

What does both soaps claim to do?:
  • They advertise the soap as the "Seven Days of Miracle, Incomparable Class, Bare Face SoapMy oh my, what a mouth full!
  • Claims to be %100 Natural, Abundant Bubble Foam and has a High Satisfaction rate.
  • Helps Remove Makeup or access makeup
  • Very Sensitive Formula, even children can use it
  • Moisturizes
  • Cleanses deep inside pores
  • Non-irritant
  • Customized for ALL skin-types
  • Will not dissolve and or quickly shrink like typical Organic hand made soaps
Here is an image I saved from the site that shows you the percentages for both "Stones" and what they're mainly used for.

I personally ordered the Original Stone a few months back and absolutely adored it. I was personally terrified of what would come my way, because of the American reviewers complaining about the product drying and cracking their cheeks after 3rd day of use. Happily, for me, I did not have to suffer like them and walked away with a great experience! So I had to order both the Original and Black Stone just to see if there would be a difference if I used them properly.
I ordered the Magic Stones from Tester Korea for 20,000Won(18.72USD for both stones) So when I received them I got a nice little packet of samples to take with me! Also, upon opening my package, the huge musky smell of April Skin's Magic Stone soaps met my nose and oh my, it smelled so good! It gives off a masculine aroma, but the scent does go away after awhile upon using the product. Especially after rinsing.

 Everything was wrapped so nicely and tight with bubble wrap just to make sure my products stay safe!
The packaging was a bit bent and rough around the edges, simply because of the tight packing of the bubble wrap around the boxes.
To keep both products sanitary, they are kept in a sealed plastic packaging to keep germs out and the freshness in!
Magic Stone Original is used as a Nightly cleanser. Great for cleansing the skin from access makeup, sebum and other impurities on the face. The deep cleanser also lightens dark spots and leaves the skin feeling amazing!
​Best For:
  • Night Time Use
  • Deep Cleansing Treatment
  • Makeup Remover
Magic Stone Black is used as a Morning cleanser. It's a detoxing soap that helps purify your skin and has a great whitening affect, ideal for lightening dark areas on the face. And it's perfect for people(Like me) with sensitive skin!
Best For:
  • Day Time Use
  • Light Cleansing Method
  • Ideal for Sensitive Skin types
Both of these soaps are very unique for one reason!: You can make a 30sec facial mask from their foam!!
When creating the mask, make sure that you produced a nice amount of foam and massage it all over your face. Massage the foam into your skin for about 30-secs and then rinse!

Rinse your face with cold water to close your pores after cleansing! Helps control obsessive sebum and keeps your pores minimized

This soap is personally my all time favorite cleanser and I don't see myself changing that opinion anytime soon!(Maybe by my next haul) The product is great for my Normal skin type and I enjoy all the benefits it has given me. It's not much of a miracle product, you have to stay persistent and for a couple of weeks just to see a difference, but for me it has made my skin a whole lot better than it was before. 
Remember, every skin type is different, and of course this product would work differently for many. So keep an open mind and decide for yourself if you would like to purchase this cleanser!

Hope this post was useful! Let me know in the comments below if you would like to see more reviews like this!


  1. Do you know why some people's skin get drying and cracking on the cheeks?
    And do you know whether these product have a fake one or not? Cause i'm afraid if it have a fake one then i might buy it without i know

    1. Everyone has different skin types. Results vary between person to person. I haven't experienced any dry or cracking on my cheeks while using this product! It's best to purchase this product off of reputable websites, such as Tester Korea, MemeBox and of course the April Skin website.
      Hope this helps!

  2. does this soap clear acne scars and hyperpigmentation?

    1. It sure does! I noticed huge blemish changes after a couple of months of using this product. It lightened the scarring and made my skin feel very smooth.

    2. I plan to buy only one of the soaps.. which do you think is more useful for acne scars the original or the black one?


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