REVIEW: Dermal SYN-AKE Collagen Essence Mask

Hello, Beauties! Today's beauty product review will be on Dermal SYN-AKE Collagen Essence Mask!

Now, you're probably wondering why I bought so many... Well, I actually wanted to buy the DERMAL Snail Collagen Essence Mask sheet, but I accidentally bought multiples of the SYN-AKE mask!(Woops) I actually tried the Snail Collagen mask last year and wanted to do a nice detailed review on it because I LOVED it! But, due to me being absent minded, I bought a mask I never tried before! So this is going to be a first impressions review!

  • Smooth and Elastic skin(Due to the SYN-AKE properties which carries REAL snake venom!)
  • Prevents Skin Muscular contraction(Whatever that is...?)
  • Gives tired skin nutrition
  • Makes Skin Healthy and Bright
  • Immediate results after first use
  • High Quality Mask Sheet
  • Has Vitamin E and Collagen for youthful looking skin!
INGREDIENTS: (Green: Safe- Orange: Moderate- Red: Harsh- Black: Undecided)
Water, glycerin, butylene glycol, dipeptide diaminobu tyroyl, benzylamide diacetate, sodium hyaluronate, hydrolyzed collagen, aloe barbadensis leaf juice, portulaca oleracea extract, beta-glucan, panthenol, tocopheryl acetate, polysorbate 80, diso dium edta, xant han gum, methylparaben, phenoxyethanol, fragrance Syn-ake 2.5 ppm, Hydrolyzed Collagen 0.2%
  1. Take out mask sheet from package and unfold
  2. Gently apply the mask, starting at the eye area and gently pulling back to fit your face(Make sure you cleansed before apply)
  3. Leave on for 15~20mins
  4. Take off the mask sheet when done. Then gently tap face and massage access collagen into your neck area(Never neglect your neck area!)

As you can see, my skin is very dull and I have a bit of acne scarring(which lightened up perfectly ever since using the Ylang Gallery Vitamn C Ampoule Mask Sheet!) and my pores are little full.

The mask is VERY cooling. Which is a great effect for facial mask. it's great for minimizing pores and waking up tired skin! The mask has a slight scent, but it's very airy, so it's not overwhelming!

My skin feels AMAZING! It's silky smooth and feels bouncy. The mask did a fantastic job and left my skin feeling hydrated, not greasy. And there is a slight brightening difference as well.

I give this product a 8/10! Because the product did somewhat, exactly what it said it would do. It nourished my skin, made my dull, tired skin wake up, smoothed my skin and also made my skin firm and slightly tight. Kind of like an instant face lift!
The brightening effect wasn't something to brag about, because my acne scars are pretty much not there anymore. But I didn't see any major brightening while wearing this mask.

I bought this mask at for KWR500( USD 0.46 ~ EUR 0.41)
You can also buy this beauty product from: (5 for $7.89 or 10 for $9.99) (10 sheets for $4.49) ( for $3.00)

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