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Hello, Beauties! Today I'll be giving you some information about my most used products for my very sensitive skin in the k-beauty community!

I've been using k-beauty products for a little over 3-years now and I will NEVER turn back! Not only are the products safe for my sensitive skin, the products also don't carry a lot of chemicals like American beauty products do.
I've always suffered with hyperpigmentation, smile lines and of course sensitive skin. So I always used baby products to wash my face before and after attending school. It got the job done, but it only benefitted my face just a little bit.

I never thought I would enjoy double cleansing so much, and I always thought it would break my skin out easily, but with these main products I use, it leaves my skin perfect! No redness or breaking out and no more burning sensation while applying toner!

My daily and nightly routine, currently consist of:

IT'S SKIN Green Tea Calming Cleansing Oil- 145ml

This product lives up to it's name! Green tea is perfect for calming irritated skin and this cleansing oil works wonders for ridding of makeup you have worn through out the day! It has a faint scent, but it smells great! Also, this cleansing oil is very easy to wash off! Once water is applied, it rinses straight off without leaving any residue.
I noticed some great improvements with my skin while using this product and I'll be doing a detailed review about this and the other products listed below later!

NOONI Snowflake Whipping Cleanser- 150ml

This skinny bottle consist of a nice, soft foam cleanser that has a slight fragrance, which is usually a huge no-no for sensitive skin types, but oddly, this product does not break me out and it leaves my skin feeling nice and smooth without drying out my normal skin type.

I'M MEME I'm Dual Pore Brush

I use this pore brush every single day and night! I noticed after using this, my skin doesn't feel as irritated after double-cleansing my face. The bristles are extremely soft, just like a fluffy kitten. And if you're worried you're not getting a deep enough clean with this brush, flip it over to the silicone side for a more deep cleanse to clean out all that sebum left in your pores.
Also, using your hands to wash your face instead of s soft bristle pore brush, it can over stimulate your skin causing redness and irritation, which can result with the dreaded burning sensation!
If your skin is anything like mine, you probably would have very small pores that are nearly impossible to clean out! But with this brush, it has done so much for me! It's absolutely amazing, and I highly recommend this brush for my fellow sensitive skin beauties!

PAPA RECIPE Trouble AC Toner- 200ml

At first, I was really skeptical about this product, mainly because it's used for acne prone skin. I don't have acne prone skin, but I do have small white heads on my chin that I've been trying to get rid of for the past few months now! I also typically steer clear from products that contain alcohol, like this product. But surprisingly, I have not been greeted with terrible break outs from irritation and dry patches while using this product. Instead, I can just wipe this across my face and go, right after cleansing my face. I wouldn't need to moisturize my face at all through out the day, because my skins moisture was completely balanced!
I would try this product at your own risk, mainly because everyone's skin works differently! Stay safe!

THE FACE SHOP 99% Jeju Aloe Fresh Soothing Gel- 300ml

This big guy right here is a blessing in the works! I apply a thick layer of this product every night, before I go to sleep to help sooth and hydrate my skin! Aloe Vera also has acne fighting properties, so it's great to use if your fighting against acne.
Best part about this product is that once it's applied and sets for about 5-10mins, you will not have to deal with a sticky residue! I noticed my skin lightening up and my tiny white heads on my chin are minimizing by a lot, as well as the little bumps on the bridge of my nose!

I hope this helped a lot!

Comment below if you would like to see more posts like this!

Stay sweet!

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