REVIEW: Julep Complexion Cushion

Hello, Beauties! Today's Beauty Product review will be on the New Julep 5-in-1 Cushion Complexion!
I came across this product while I was at work. It was crazy slow in the store(Literally no one was in the entire store for over 30mins!), so a couple of employees and I started to play with some products! One of the girls got a hold of this complexion cushion by Julep; under the impression that it was a concealer. Once she applied it, it was absolutely gorgeous on her and it left her with a demi-matte finish! So, of course I had to buy one!

This is Julep's first foundation... YES, Foundation! It's 5-in-1 so it can be used to conceal, correct, illuminate, blur, and brighten. This product contains Turmeric, which is an ingredient that contains long-term brightening affects and anti-inflammatory benefits. This product also contains Camellia seed oil (sourced from Jeju Island, Korea) contains skin - calming properties and provides nourishing & moisturizing benefits, while also having blurring powder to give off the semi-matte finish that looks and feels smooth to the touch! 

  • 100% said the product was easy to use and apply
  • 100% reported the product provided a natural finish
  • 100% reported the product is buildable and long - lasting
  • 97% said the product was quick to apply & blended seamlessly into their skin
  • 96% reported the product did not emphasize their pores
  • 96% reported the formula is non - irritating
  • 93% reported the product effectively covered redness
  • 93% reported the product effectively covered blemishes
  • 93% said the formula was creamy and light - weight
  • 90% reported the product effectively covered skin imperfections and skin discoloration
  • 87% reported the product effectively provided blurring benefits
  • 83% reported the product effectively covered their pores
  • 82% reported the product effectively covered hyper - pigmentation
(Info curtesy of Julep at

In order to start using the product, you have to crank the bottom notch several times so the product can dispense into the cushion. So make sure to put some elbow grease in there, because you'll be cranking for a while. It's worth it at the end, trust me!

I was honestly surprised I was capable of finding my shade in this product. I have an olive complexion and its nearly impossible for me to find the perfect shade match. But shade Honey(300), was a perfect match for me! I did notice that the product does oxidize, so I would keep that in mind while trying to find your shade!
This product currently has 18 shades in total! Not too bad, and I also noticed that the darker shades are pretty good! No huge jumps between shades and giving more options to the darker shade range.

The packaging is pretty nice! It's heavy and made out of metal, to keep up the prestigious feel. On the opposite side of the product, there is a clear window to show you the shade of the product and how much product you have in the container. You get about 0.16oz of product in the container, which is ok if you're not planning to use it everyday, or you plan on flying in a plane. So it is TSA friendly!

My initial thought once I applied this foundation was "WOW". It glided on smoothly and blended in nicely. I like to apply it under my eyes, around the nose and a bit on the chin. I've been trying to wear a lot less foundation nowadays and this just made it easier for me! It dries down slow enough for you to blend the product evenly, and dries down just in time for you to finish your full-face look.


I give this product a 8/10! It's a great product, but not perfect! By the end of the day, I do notice the product breaking down, but it could be doing that due to my skin type. I'm combo, so oily T-zone, normal cheeks and a dry chin(a mess...), and I've mainly noticed the product breaking down on my T-zone. So oily skin users, beware! I would pair this up with a great oil combat primer before using this product. Other than that, I have no other complaints and I will continue to use this product!
You can purchase this beauty product from the original Julep site or ULTA Beauty for $30

Thank you so much for reading my review! If you have any more review idea's, leave a comment below! I love hearing from you all!

Stay Sweet!

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