REVIEW: Hope Girl Super Wonder Magic Mascara

Hello, Beauties! Todays beauty product review will be on Hope Girl Super Wonder Magic Mascara! I've been so excited to try out this mascara!

I've been looking allover the place, trying to find the perfect mascara to replace my Maybelline Great Lash(Lots of Lashes) mascara that I've been using since freshmen year of high school(I'm currently 19), so switching up mascara's is pretty much foreign to me!

After looking through reviews, I decided to buy the Hope Girl Memebox set, mainly because of the Donkey Milk cream and of course the mascara!
One reviewer claimed that the mascara is better than, Better than Sex Mascara, Sephora and or Ulta Mascara's, and Maybelline. So, my thought was "Why not?" It's a $129 value box for only $36, PLUS free priority shipping!

This product claims to curl, lengthen and volumize your eyelashes!

Can we say, CUTE? Adoring this leopard print! And the best part about this mascara is that the casing is super sturdy! The packaging kind of feels like a certain kind of metal, but I can't quite pin-point the exact material.

Here's my natural, depleting lashes... After wearing falsies, pretty much every single day for a couple of months, the thickness and length of my natural lashes are pretty much gone. Bummer, I know!

The first coat is actually pretty good. A tad bit on the clumpy side, but nothing like a bit of a brush through won't fix, right?

You can definitely see some clumping from the second coat. I was wary about doing the third, but I know most of us girls love doing layers upon layers of mascara, especially if there's no falsies around.

And here's the final coat! CLUMP GALORE! At least my eyelashes look long, right?

I give this product a 9/10. I'm not totally turned off by the clumpy-ness, because it can be fixed by brushing through the lashes, or using a card to help separate the lashes. The formula is absolutely amazing and it does last you all day without any touch ups
1 to 2 1/2 layers of this mascara would be perfect for me, especially since I'm trying to be minimal with my makeup routine nowadays because I'm trying to get my skin back to normal.
All-in-all, this mascara feels like a great statement to have! And it's currently a mascara I'll be using everyday until I decide to buy a new one!

I bought this beauty product from for $18(Hope Girl Box is $36)
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Thanks for reading! If you would like to see more reviews like this, please feel free to comment below!

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