Hello, Beauties! Today's beauty product review will be on the INNISFREE The Minimum Toner for Sensitive skin!

I've been looking for a toner that would not irritate, cause rashes and redness on my cheeks. Most toners want you to apply their product on a cotton pad and rub it across your face. If your skin is anything like mine, you know that's going to hurt. And when I mean hurt, I mean BURN!
So, while shopping on, I found this spray bottle toner! This is the first time I have ever used a toner that sprays and does not require you to apply on a cotton pad and rub the product across your face.

A minimal toner that uses the best ingredients for sensitive skin!

1. A hypoallergenic toner for sensitive and stressed skin
2. Contains willow bark ingredients that exfoliate and leave skin firm
3. Contains 99% natural ingredients: A preservative-free toner made from 99% natural ingredients.
4. Contains natural moisturizing supplements to provide long-lasting moisture.
5. Mist-type: To minimize stress from direct skin stimulation
(Information curtesy of 

INGREDIENTS: (Green: Safe - Orange: Moderate - Red: Harsh - Black: Undecided)
This beauty product is honestly the most safest product I have EVER owned. The minimum amount of ingredients is what seals the deal, especially for sensitive skin!

It's VERY small... I mean, extremely. It's 45ml of product in this tiny tube, and you're probably wondering how on earth can you spray this, 3-4 times after washing your face daily? Well, I kind of figured, if the product works for me, and it's pretty amazing, looks like I'll have to buy two next time.
I've been using this product for nearly 3 weeks now(once in the morning and at night) and I haven't felt any major weight difference since I bought it. I typically spray 4-6 times than the recommended amount. So that's pretty good to know that it's spraying a decent amount of product each sprits!

There's not really much of a scent to this product. I would say to suck in your lips before spraying if you are an obsessive lip-licker like me. Because once you lick your lips with this product still on them, you'll be surprised by the odd sweet taste in your mouth.

It's very watery, which is great for a toner like this. It makes it easy for your skin to absorb the product.
One thing I thought was pretty impressive is by how moisturizing this toner is! I wouldn't have to put on a cream afterwards, I can literally do a sprits-and-go if I'm in a rush, without feeling a bit of after cleansing dryness.

I give this beauty product a 10/10! Unlike other products that claim to be ideal for sensitive skin, yet has a lot of harsh chemicals in it, this toner is not lying to you! The ingredients are so safe, I think I would trust it to look after my future children(Overly dramatic, I know)

I bought this product from for KRW 6,300(USD ~ $5.78 - EUR ~ 5.16)
You can also buy this beauty product from: (for $8.00) (for $10.25) (for $12.98)

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