REVIEW: Skin Food Chlorella Nose Clear Patch

Hello, Beauties! Todays beauty product review will be on Skin Food Chlorella Nose Clear Patch!

I have a tad issue with my pores lately. While others say I'm lucky, I'm quite unlucky actually. My pores are so small, it's nearly impossible to rid of small white heads and black heads on my nose. So, after a bit of research, I came across the Skin Food Chlorella Nose Clear Patch, and out of desperation, I bought 4!


Chlorella nutrients effectively removes black heads, dry skin and sebum on nose. The astringent plant element tightens pores, leaving the skin on your nose look nice and clean!


Sadly, I can't find the ingredients list! I'll update as soon as I locate the ingredients!

It's a cute little green patch laying on a plastic film. Where you pill off the plastic film is the base of the product. All you have to do is lay the sticky part on your damp nose(make sure you used warm to hot water to open pores) and it should stick on your nose like glue!


I have very, very tiny pores, and they're clogged. Sadly, because of the fact that my pores are so small, it's really hard to completely rid of gunk and sebum inside my poor little pores.


The nose patch has a nice, flowery aroma to it. It's kind of strong, but it's bearable. I had to get a warm cloth and wet the top layer of the patch, just so it could completely lay down on my nose.

I noticed as it was drying, the patch hardened a bit.


Well... From the looks of it, it got a little bit of the gunk and sebum off my nose, and some hairs, but it didn't do an amazing job, sadly.

Peeling the patch off does hurt, mainly because it's literally waxing off the hairs on your nose!
Also, if you get any residue(like me), you can simply wipe off the residue with your favorite toner or water!


I give this a 3/10. As I expected, it didn't take out much and I still had tiny clogged pores on my nose. If your pores are a bit more larger than mine, then this product would work amazing for you! Looks like I need to stick with constant exfoliation and a comedo remover for now.


I bought this beauty product from for 500 KRW each ( USD~ 0.46 - EUR~ 0.42)

You can also buy this product from: $4.89 + FREE SHIPPING)

Thanks for reading!

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