HAPPY NEW YEAR! What to expect for 2017!

Hello, Beauties! And Happy New Year's eve! I've decided to make a post explaining on what to expect for my blog for the new year to come!

Now, as many of you may know already(from amino communities and personal interactions) I am planning to go live on YouTube!
There was many things holding me back from joining the Beauty Vlogger community, mainly because I feel like I don't have all of that fancy equipment and fancy editing softwares. But, with a little bit of practice and of course google, I was capable of making up my mind and decided to make a YouTube channel by the new year!

I'll be talking about Asian/American makeup and cosmetics on my Channel as well as makeup tutorials, because I do know how to use a brush properly and have enough confidence to show off how I can beat my face! ;-)
I'll also be doing mini series as well on my channel that I'm going to keep hidden from this blog post until my Channel is in full function! All I can say is expect ALOT of product reviews! And don't worry, I won't be a jabber mouth on my channel. I prefer going straight to the main points with information I find. I thought; Beauty Vloggers and guru's are supposed to be our summary of Beauty knowledge. So keeping things short and sweet and doing a Blog post follow up of more detailed information is what I'll be doing!

Pure fun! I don't expect much from what I'll be doing on my Channel, and I do not plan to make it a career like others. I just want to keep things simple yet fun and not get to businessy with my Channel, if that makes any sense!

Yes and No. I will keep my Channel completely on the Makeup and Skincare topic, but there will be video's for Lifestyle. Kind of like how my blog is set up!

I really can't wait to kick start the new year with this huge leap! Being in front of camera's is no stranger to me, but filming? That's a new one! I really hope you guys are enjoying my blog and I can't wait to start making videos!

I would also like to say that I'm super excited that I have a lot of overseas readers! Thank you so much for all of the support and Instagram comments(That I'm still trying to translate till this day), they mean so much to me!

Happy New Year and Stay Sweet!

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