REVIEW: Bare Minerals 'Your Kiss is on My List' GEN NUDE Radiant Lipstick Collection

Hello, Beauties! Today's beauty review is going to be on Bare Minerals Radiant Lipstick Collection!

Here is another makeup set my lovely Boyfriend bought for me for Christmas! I swear, he's feeding my addiction and I seriously enjoy it!

"When it comes to nude lipsticks (and holiday cookies) one is never enough.
So wrap up this must have collection of 8 addictively creamy shades with a
ribbon & a bow. Featuring next-generation nudes with moisturizing color,
they fit, flatter & flaunt every skin tone with a beautiful demi-shine finish."
(Info curtesy of
  • Moisturizing
  • Flatters every Skin Tone
  • Demi-shine Finish

One thing that really caught my attention was the petite size of these lipsticks! I've never own lipsticks as small as these and I really love the color blocking display!
Some lipsticks are contained in petite, gold metallic bottles, while others are black and matte! They don't feel like they're made out of metal, but it certainly feels like they're made out of hard plastic.

This 8 piece set comes with 8 different shades of nude. And if you're a nude lip color lover like me, you would enjoy the shade selection!
Shades are:  Bubbles (Peachy Pink Nude)
                      Nudist (Warm Beige Peach)
                      Kitty  (Medium Warm Pink)
                      Heaven (Pinky Brown)
                      Sexpot (Soft Warm Beige)
                      Honeybun (Toasted Nude)
                      XOX (Medium Dusty Rose)
                      Queen (Muted Berry Wine)

Well, they're definitely not a 24hour wear, and most certainly not a 1hour wear either. They're beautiful colors, but the longitivity for them isn't all that grand, but what do you expect from a traditional lipstick?
The wear on the other hand...... Not my favorite. I could only rock a couple of shades out of the 8, mainly because lighter nude colors make me look VERY sickly. I'm a MAC shade NC-42, so if the shade Bubbles and Nudist make me look sickly, then it would make anyone around my shade(Besides very pale skin complexions) look just about as sickly as me.

I give this product a 5-10. I don't like how patchy the lighter shades apply and I certainly don't believe all of these shades can go with EVERY skin tone. Possibly the darker ones for darker complexions, but that's about it. They're beautiful colors, but it did give off the vibe of "False Advertisement" to me when it comes to the shade selection.
I do have favorites and that's Kitty, XOX and Queen. And I kind of like Honeybun as a true nude lip for me, since it matches my skin tone more.

This is a limited time holiday collection and so, therefore I cannot find any websites carrying the whole set. BUT, Ulta does sell these shades and much more on their website and in store!

Hope you all enjoyed this review! Let me know your thoughts and please share!

Stay Sweet!

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