REVIEW: Illumifree Advanced Illuminating Solution

Hello, Beauties! Today's beauty product review will be on Illumifree AIS(Advanced Illuminating Solution)!

So, I was scrolling my Instagram(@BigBeautyBudget, please follow!) and I came across a brand from Singapore called Illumifree! And if anyone truly knows me, you know how I feel about growing brands, especially the ones residing in Asia!
I was given the amazing opportunity to review this product, and I cannot wait to share my 2 week experience with you all!


"Brightness, clarity and radiance
Our favorite face cream for daily use, brightening, lightweight, and easily absorbed. The formula combines colorless carotenoids and arbutin to improve brightness, clarity and radiance."
(Info curtesy of

Apply onto skin morning and night after cleansing face and neck.

  • Colorless Carotenoids(Provides UV protection as a natural sunscreen, prevents acne scars, age spots, hyperpigmentation. Contains anti-oxidants to protect skin from damaging radicals. Has anti-inflammatory properties and stimulates new Collagen for your skin)
  • Arbutin(Reduces synthesis of Melanin, gives skin a glowy look, brightens. Blocks tyrosinase (a skin darkening enzyme) to prevent the development of dark spots)

I LOVE the packaging! It gives off such a luxurious feel while also protecting the product inside! The black glass jar is UV protected to help prevent premature expiration of the cream! It also comes with a little spatula to keep germs away from your product during frequent uses.

Before I started using this product, my skin was recovering from a huge acne out break! I developed a big break out on the tip of my nose which resulted in a dark scar. I also have dark circles from lack of sleep.

After using this product for about 2 weeks, I have noticed an amazing difference with my skin! My dark circles have lightened up and my acne scars have almost completely disappeared! It gives me a nice subtle radiance and I just love that!

I give this product a 10/10! Its effective and it leaves my skin feeling so smooth! Instead of following the twice a day use of this product, I did once a day at night. I'm practically made of melanin and the last thing I want is to make my face look 50 shades lighter than the rest of me! But this product did an amazing job ridding of my hyperpigmentation. I was scared to use it at first, since I have VERY sensitive skin, but it did not break me out and it gave me great results!

You can purchase this beauty product at: ($80 each + Free Shipping for locations in Singapore!)

Hope you enjoyed this review! Feel free to comment and tell me what you would like to see me review next!

Stay Sweet!

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  1. Even i have huge problems of hyper pigmentation and this one sounds interesting. Will be giving this a try soon.


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